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In-the-air stick my ārsena

Namaste my fellow humpers…

It’s hump day yet again and boy this week do I have a treat for you. I had the first comment left on my recently posted HumpDay tunes mix by Kikdisc - Nu Disco Kik this morning… pretty exciting stuff. As a reward here is a mother freaking treat and a half. It’s so epic… it’s super epic. Sepic. Poopic. epicuper. Something like that…

DJ Livo (Josh) has done an exceptional trance mix which he has kindly shared with me, and in turn you lucky devils. Lots of nice smooth vocals, high pitched bleeping, tweeting, thumping, wop wopping and some exceptional tadadadadadadadadad-ing. So surely you will all enjoy it.

Personally, whilst being very busy with work the past couple of weeks, I’ve managed to find time to get in touch with my more spiritual side. Lou and I have been doing tons of yoga recently and also visited a Swami Guru to help us find enlightenment. Amidst all the chaturanga dandasana’s I’ve been impressed to learn that our souls are only temporarily in our bodies and the rest of the time they appear to be roaming free around the universe just chillin and stuff. I like to think mine will take up residence in a ladies locker room or something, maybe one of the ones in an 80’s movie like Weird Science or Revenge of the Nerds, filled with cheerleaders showering and stuff.

I actually think I would make a great Swami. I’m charismatic. I have a beard already (chicks dig the beard). I look great in orange. And… I think people would flock to me and follow my sage advice. Now the only question is whether I should be a holy man type swami like Buddha or Krishna or whether I will be an evil type cult leader like the guy out of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (Thuggi Cult I believe). I could be perfoming live sacrifices and all sorts of mystical rites as well as totally hooking all the hot scantily clad babes (you know who you are on this list).

Now admit it people, you would totally upward facing dog if Swami Humpday was in tha house…. amiright??? Damn straight you would. You would happily Suptapādāṅguṣṭhāsana whilst I Usthāsana all over your yoga mat in a very mystical way. (Google those if you want a giggle - or take up yoga)

So let’s all put our hands together in prayer formation in front of our hearts, close our eyes gently and repeat along with me one of my favourite Krishna inspired chants from the last two sessions with Swami Govindanana

Rahdi Rahdi Radhi Rama… Rahdi Rahdi Rahdi Rama… Rahdi Rahdi Rahdi Rama… Rahdi Rahdi Rahdi Banana… Rahdi Rahdi Roaming Lama… Really Randy Wrestling Gorilla… Rahdi Ranger Redhead Wrangler… Rahdi Rahdi Rahdi Rama… Rahdi Rahdi Rahdi Rama… Rahdi Rahdi Rahdi Rama… Rahdi Rahdi Rahdi Rama…

And now that we have all acheived a new level of enlightenment, send me money. Swami Humpdaybrova needs you all to assume the intheairistickmyārsena pose and say: Ommmmmm.

Link to the music is here and you can downdog it from the arrow in the music player on the page if you want to listen along at home.

Remember, the supreme being (me) loves you and wants money.

DJ Livo - Trance Demo by kikdisc

Peace. Namaste.

Swami Head Humpcho.

Send me money. Seriously. Money. Send it.

The return of Humperoni


Throughout the past 12 months there has been one person who consistently harrassed me to resurect the hump day tunes. They pestered me in the face of complete ambivilance from the rest of you. They encouraged me to continue humping every wednesday despite the best efforts of those around me, and the advice of legal counsel. They Spoke highly of my skills to others and they emailed me ad nauseum in an attempt to revive the long dead tradition of Humping a Day each wednesday of the week.

Well today is this persons birthday… and as a thank you I would like to offer up a special non-humpday humpday tunes for him to enjoy (and luckily the rest of you too). If any of you are still online late enough it might just land in time for you to enjoy over the weekend, otherwise, it may present you with something worth listening to over the coming week… whatever the result, I hope you enjoy.

The theme of this hump day is Nu Disco. Basically a revival of all that was brilliant in the very late 70’s and early 80’s, What’s that? More Intensity…? Why yes I think I will use More Intensity, as well as a bucketload of Synth, more Synth and then some Synth just to top it all off. Mixed by the now infamous KikDisc this will certainly make you happy if you weren’t already.

My advice for this mix is to wait until the second song to take all the ecstasy you have in your possession and then go freaking nuts at the 40 minute mark. I will.

Hope everyone has a brilliant weekend.

HumpDayTunes - kikdisc - 02 by kikdisc

Mix can be dowloaded from the arrow at the end of the player.

Set list:
1. Low Motion Disco - Love Love Love (Aeroplane Mix)
2. Crystal Fighters - At Home (Fusty Delight Remix)
3. Escort - Cocaine Blues (Greg Wilson Remix)
4. Friendly Fires - Paris (Aeroplane Remix)
5. Phreek Plus One - Laser Rock
6. Chromeo - Don’t Turn On The Lights (Aeroplane Remix)
7. Breakbot - Baby I’m Yours (Aeroplane Remix)
8. Parov Stelar - Baska Brother
9. Moonchild - Girl (Original Mix)
10. Ian Pooley - 900 Degrees (Pete Heller Main Mix)
11. Chromeo - Hot Mess (Oliver Remix)
12. Nightriders - Hey (Chris Lake & Marco Lys Re-Edit)

Love and rainbows,

Head Humpcho

It’s OK to wear a Hump Day Négligée, so they say.

Oh la la… I’ve been doing this list for over a year now… isn’t that exciting?

There are seriously big plans in the works. I am making efforts to create the ultimate European tour with my lady friend in a beat up 1960’s Combi Van called Bella. It’s going to be awesome. She, Me, and a Combi… through Italy (and about 20 other countries).

But first, onto more important matters. After reading many a helpful link provided by the guys at Reddit ( and getting inspired all over again by the music of Sasha… I have put together an hour of what can only be called… electronic music. Nary a guitar or piano to be seen… mostly just boxes with lights, blipping noises and such.

But never fear, for I have taken your fear of the new and made it alright by slipping in a bunch of songs you may recognise. There’s even an operatic flavour tossed into the salad courtesy of your friends and mine, Faithless.

But Head humpcho… how can we possibly listen to such an amazing and no doubt eclectic mix without our ears falling off from the shock and the remainder of our work days being ruined by the overly orgasmic joy of listening over and over again to your mix with our thighs clamped tightly around our constantly ringing mobile phones and our heads thrown back in pure pleasure?

Well little Lou bunny… I’m glad you asked because if you look underneath the seat in front of you, or in the overhead locker you will notice I have provided a safety card for you to read and use to avoid you becoming injured whilst banging to this blissfull mix-up. Place your head between your legs, put your arms in the crash position and prepare for a bumpy landing as we slam crotch first into an ocean of aural ecstasy.

All complaints can of course be directed to management. They can be found in the nearest bathroom stall doing nasty things with George Michael. Interupt them at your own peril.

Right… thanks to everyone for this opportunity and enjoy the rest of the week. Try the tofu, it’s delicious.

Head Humpcho

DJ Mike Baxter

2010 Reddit Electronic Inspirational Sasha et al. Mix

  1. Faithless - Salva Mea ‘97 (Tuff Mix)
  2. The Shapeshifters - Helter Skelter (Original Edit)
  3. Sasha - Coma (Original Mix)
  4. Deadmau5 & Chris Lake - I Said (Michael Woods Remix)
  5. Spooky - Little Bullet (Ballistic Mix)
  6. Faithless - Insomnia (Sasha B.A. Mix)
  7. John Digweed - Gridlock (Digweed & Muir’s Stereo Club Mix)
  8. Mew - The Zookeepers Boy (Sasha Remix)
  9. Lost Tribe - Angel (Original)
  10. Chemical Brothers - Escape Velocity (Album Mix)

As always, hit the play button below (and give it a minute to load, try hitting ‘refresh’ if the player below doesn’t load).

Back to Noumea

Happy Hump Day my fellow avid Humpitarians,

Last week I made mention of being on a boat 5 years ago with DJ Danny Presti, travelling around the pacific, deflowering teens (musically, of course) and basically being a menace. Coupled with this post was a recent mix by Danny of some tunes for his Hedkandi mix.

Typing this amazing story of high seas debauchery reminded me again of the trip. I was reminded particularly of sailing under the harbour bridge on our way out to sea with an afternoon dance party happening on the top deck. I was playing Love Generation at full volume whilst everyone aboard the boat rocked out.

It made me think… some of those tunes (just as electro was becoming mainstream, and as heavier sounds were really taking over) were awesome. Maybe I should share with you all some sounds of 5 years ago. If this boat’s rockin, you better come flockin.

So crank the ol’ headphones… sit back, and get ready to chair dance to some old skool beats - again. You may remember some of these. You may not. My sweet has listened to this mix already and with the exception of a track from the old Basement Jaxx… she gives it two crinkly areola surrounded nipples up. A good sign to say the absolute least.

You probably won’t however, remember the last song on the playlist. That’s because it’s new. As always, I’ve fucked up a perfectly good retro mix by slipping something else into it (that’s what she said). The last song is actually really cool. It’s a track by Rusko that I discovered whilst watching a YouTube video about a nightclub in the UK called “Smack”. The original YouTube video can be found here. The song is awesome. Make sure you listen to it if nothing else.

Once more I scream “thar she blows”.

All aboard.

Head Humpcho

Mike Baxter

2005 Noumea NewYou-er Mix

  1. NY Excuse - Soulwax (NY Lipps Mix)
  2. Dr. Kucho! & Gregor Salto – Can’t Stop Playing
  3. Madonna - Hung Up(SDP Extended Vocal)
  4. Mousse T. feat. Emma Lanford - Right About Now (Fuzzy Hair Vocal Mix)
  5. Freeform Five - No More Conversations (Mylo Remix)
  6. A Studio feat. Polina - SOS (Tocadisco Mix)
  7. Basement Jaxx - Do Your Thing (2005 Robbie Rivera Mix)
  8. Dave McCullen - Bitch (Club Extended Mix)
  9. Basement Jaxx - Where’s Your Head At (Mike Baxter Rubadub Dub Edit)
  10. David Guetta - Just A little More Love (Extended)
  11. Silosonic - Something To Make You Feel Alright (Dirty South Mix)
  12. Quesh - Candy Girl (AV Mix)
  13. Simply Red - Sunrise (Love To Infinity Classic Mix)
  14. Rusko feat. Amber Coffman - Hold on (Sub Focus Remix)

As always, hit the play button below (and give it a minute to load).